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Globe Executive Solutions, Inc. is a Puerto Rican Company that offers security services, executive transportation and chauffeurs. We are a registered company at the State Department of Puerto Rico and we follow all their requirements, laws, regulations and statutes for companies. 

We have several licenses issued by the Puerto Rico Police Department, CFSE, Puerto Rico Tourism Company; besides having Public Liability Insurance and several memberships to prestigious associations.  Our mission is to provide excellent service that meets the particular needs of our clients, with specialized and tailored services according to your requirements; with highly and continually trained personnel.  

The success of our company is a direct result of our capacity to offer a personalized and high level service at competitive rates with excellent organization and communication skills, creating a satisfied customer base.   We appreciate the opportunity to consider our services. Here we present to you the quote with our services of transportation and rates. We hope it meets the requirements that your hotel needs. We are more than willing to meet promptly and discuss any adjustments that you may see necessary. 

Why US?


Companies and projects should protect themselves from the rampant crime wave.

They have the moral, legal and fiduciary duty to provide security to their clients and guests, by means of a Security Agency that meets all the requirements of the law, applicable to both the company and its employees.

Even though acting out of ignorance of the law, they are not exempt of their responsibilities. 

“Savings” that you may have with companies that operate outside the law, could have serious and costly aftermaths. 

Puerto Rican Company


Legally Constituted 

We operate under several licenses one of them issued by the Police Department of Puerto Rico, to offer services of surveillance and private security. And another license issued by the Puerto Tourism Company, for touristic and executive transportation.

We offer too additional corporative services according to the needs and convenience of the client.

Our corporation is registered in the State Department of Puerto Rico and we follow all their laws and requirements for the operation of our business. 


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